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Red Cards for Clearwater Chargers
Player Coach Games Suspended Games Served Description
Davis Hughes 1 1 8/27/16-17B,DBL Yellow from previous Year,served
Jacquely Bletsch 1 1 9/10/16-15G,Dbl Yellow,served 9/17
Alexandra Atenza 4 4 9/17/16-18G,Violent Conduct, Fighting, 4 game suspension
Gentrit Smrcaku 1 1 2/16/17-18B,Foul&Abusive Language

Yellow Cards for Clearwater Chargers
Player Description
Fierdoes Hystuna 8/28/16-17B,Unsportsman Conduct
Andrew Weeden 8/28/16-17B,Unsportsman Conduct
Logan Sheppard 8/28/16-16B,Unsportsman Conduct
Nicole Mullen 8/28/16-17G,Unsportsman Conduct
Janathan Godinez 8/28/16-18B,Unsportsman Conduct
Andrew Zolper 8/28/16-18B,Unsportsman Conduct
Robby Benincasa 8/27/16-15B,Unsportsman Conduct
Ethan Jenkins 9/14/16-18B,Dissent
Keegan Carr 9/17/16-18B,Unsportsman Conduct
Kiel Fleming 9/17/16-18B,Unsportsman Conduct
Toddrick Mouzon 9/21/16-17B,Unsportsman Conduct
Savion Steele 9/21/16-17B,Unsportsman Conduct
Octavio Tovar 9/18/16-17B,Unsportsman Conduct
Amanda Pennings 10/8/16-18G,Unsportsman Conduct
Brittany Cirnigliaro 10/8/16-18G,Unsportsman Conduct
Kassandra Secundino 10/2/16-17G, Unsportsman Conduct
Emirson Abdullaj 10/2/16-16B,Dissent
Octavio Tovar 10/5/16-17B,Unsportsman Conduct,2nd
Kyle Carr 10/5/16-16B,Unsportsman Conduct,guesting to 17B
Devin Ortega 10/1/16-18B,Unsportsman Conduct
Amjad Saad 10/1/16-18B,Unsportsman Conduct
Robby Benincasa 10/1/16-15B,Unsportsman Conduct,2nd
Max Cole 10/1/16-17B,Unsportsman Conduct
Octavio Tovar 10/1/16-17B,Unsportsman Conduct,3rd
Robby Benincasa 10/22/16-15B, Unsportsman Conduct, 3rd
Ethan Jenkins 4/2/17-18B,Dissent