This is a GotSoccer Tournament allowing teams to receive GotSoccer points.

 Important Tournament Information: 

1. Click Here to register for 2015 Event                              

     Tournament Info:

     1. Field locations:

  •          15-18/19 Boys at Collier Fields, North Tampa - Directions Mapquest
  •          15-18/19 Girls at JC Handly Field, Brandon - Directions Google Map
  •          13-14 Boys & Girls in Countryside Sports Plex, Clearwater - Mapquest

     2. What to bring to registration: 

          Player Passes, Team Rosters, Guest Player Forms, Med. Releases, Travel Papers                      

     Payment by checks can be sent to CDL, 2140 Drew St. Suite C, Clearwater, Fla. 33765.

   3.  Contact Information  -

        Tournament Director- Eric Sims, 813-299-4757, esims8@tampabay.rr.com

          Tournament Ass't Dir- Steve Kimbrell, 813-785-6525, kskimbrell@aol.com

        Tournament Assignor: Ed Pena, 813-732-2412, email- epena5@tampabay.rr.com



 3.  Click here for Hotel Reservation   -

   Avanti Travel                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


All Team Rosters for the College Coaches will be taken from Gotsoccer.


5. College Coaches Click here to REGISTER     

 College Coaches Signed attending the 2014 CDL Showcase Event

1.       Barry University, Miami, Women’s Soccer                    21. Fla. Institute of Technology, Men’s Soccer

2.       ASA College, New York, Men’s Soccer                              22. Univ. of Tampa, Men's Soccer

3.       Broward College, Florida, Women’s Soccer                  23. Univ. of S. Fla, Men's Soccer

4.       Darton College, Georgia, Men’s Soccer                          24. Johnson Univ. Fla., Women's Soccer

5.       Flagler College, Fla. Women and Men’s Soccer            25. Iowa Central College,Women's Soccer

6.       Fla. Gulf Coast University, Men’s Soccer                       26. St. Leo Univ, Women's Soccer

7.       Fla. Gulf Coast University, Women’s Soccer                 27. Univ. of Miami, Women's Soccer

8.       University of Tampa, Men’s Soccer                                28. Southeastern Univ.,Women's Soccer

9.       Piedmont College, Georgia, Women’s Soccer               29. Clearwater Christian College, Women's Soccer

10.    Francis Marion University, Men’s Soccer                     30. Darton State College, Women's Soccer

11.    Johnson & Wales Univ., Miami,. Women’s Soccer      31. Troy University, Women's Soccer

12.    Limestone College, South Carolina, Women’s Soccer 32. Middle Tenn. State Univ, Women's Soccer

13.    Northwood University, Fla, Men’s Soccer                     33. Rollins College, Men's Soccer

14.    Polk State College, Fla, Women’s Soccer                       34. Univ. of North Fla, Women's Soccer

15.    Rollins College, Fla, Women’s Soccer

16.    St. Thomas University, Fla, Women’s Soccer

17.    Stetson University, Fla, Women’s Soccer

18.    University of W. Georgia, Women’s Soccer

19.    Lynn University, Fla. Men’s Soccer

20.    St. Thomas University, Fla, Men’s Soccer





CDL Showcase 2015 Accepted Team List
Showcase Format
15 Boys 16 Boys 17 Boys 18 Boys   15 Girls 16 Girls 17 Girls 18 Girls
1 WFF, East Clw. Chargers (A) WFF, East WFF, East   WFF, East Celtics WFf, East Fla. Krush
2 Clw. Chargers (A) FKK (A) Clw. Chargers Clw. Chargers   Clw. Chargers Fl. Krush Tpa. Chargers Houston Dyna
3 Clw. Chargers (B) FKK (B) TBU, 2nd team Fla. Kraze   Houston Dyn. Tampa Chargers TBU TBU
4 TBU Sarasota (A) North Port Sarasota   Tpa Chargers FH TBU Lakeland Lakeland
5 Winter Haven Sarasota (B) W. Pasco Tpa. Chargers   TBU Lakeland Strictly Soccer TBU, 2nd team
6 Houston Dynamo Tpa. Chargers (A) TBU  TBU-Elite   Lakeland Strictly Soccer Fla. Rush-Renee
7 Strictly Soccer TBU (A) Lakeland Lakeland   Celtics TBU , 2nd team WFF, West
8 Fla. Rush (B)Tomas TBU (B) Strictly Soccer Strictly Soccer   WFF, West WFF, West
9 WFF, West Lakeland (A) Fla. Rush Nero Fla. Rush-Nero   Fla. Rush Fla. Rush-Erick
10 Sarasota (B) Strictly (A) Fla Rush Marconi Wff, West   TBU-Cote
11 Celtics(B) Fla. Rush (A)Nero Houston Dynamo  
12 Fla Rush (A) Nate WFF, West (A) TBU- Premier  
13 Fla. Rush(A)Steve Fla. Rush-1st  
Tournament Format  
13 Boys (A) 13 Boys (B) 14 Boys (A)  14 Boys (B)   13 Girls (A) 13 Girls (B) 14 Girls (A) 14 Girls (B)
1 WFF, West WFF, W WFF, West WFF, West   WFF, West WFF, East WFF, East WFF, W
2 WFf, East WFf, E WFF,East Clw. Chargers   WFF, East FKK Clw. Chargers Sarasota
3 Clw. Chargers Clw. Chargers Clw. Chargers1st FKK   Clw. Chargers Tpa ChargersFH FKK Tpa ChagersFH
4 FKK FKK Clw. Charger 2nd FC Sarasota   FKK TBU North Sarasota Lakeland
5 Lakewood Ranch TBU North FKK Tpa Chargers    Pinellas United Lakeland Fishawk TBU S Select
6 Tpa Chargers FH TBY S (West) WFF,East TBU North   Clw. chargers2nd TBU South Fl.Rush-Renee Fla. Rush
7 TBU North Fla. Rush(B)Nero Lakeland Lakeland   TBU North Fla.Rush-Renee Lakeland
8 Lakeland Lakeland TBU S TBU South   Lakeland Celtics
9 Wesley Chapel Celtics Strictly Soccer   TBU S (West) Strictly Soccer
10 Fla. Rush(A)Sean Fla. Rush(B) Tpa Chargers FH   Fla. Rush-Trent
11 Clw. Chargers2nd Fla. Rush(A)Alex  
12 Strictly Soccer