6/7/18 4:39pm

Jr. Season Overall & Divisional Champions 2021-22

Over All Club Champion Jr. Season- WFF, Brandon 

Divisional Champions-

U-11 Boys (A): LWR Chargers- Warren

U-11 Boys (B): FC Sarasota- Gonzalez and Strictly Soccer

U-12 Boys (A): LWR Chargers- Valeasco

U-12 Boys (B): LWR Chargers- Esquedo

U-13 Boys (A): FC Sarasota- Lindquist

U-13 Boys (B): Largo United- Sousa

U-14 Boys (A): Strictly Soccer- C Burt & FC Celtic- Payne, Co-Champions

U-14 Boys (B): Strictly Soccer- C Burt

U-11 Girls (A): Fla Celtic- Brown

U-11 Girls (B): WFF, Brandon- Stump

U-12 Girls : Fla Celtic- McGuire

U-13/14 Girls: Fla Prem Collier

U-13/14 Girls: Fla Prem Mitchell

6/17/19 4:57pm

Final Jr. Season Div. Standings 2018-19

Final Jr. Season Div. Standings 2018-19

7/10/17 9:12am

JR. Season Announcements

Jr. Season Announcements:

1. As of 8/26/22- New Jr Season begins Sept 18th and the schedule is now posted.  

2. As of 8/25/22--- 

1. IMPORTANT CHANGE-- effective immediately for all CDL Games---

All Games are to be played under an 'Unlimited Subs' Rule. NO LONGER will CDL be using 

the limited sub rule or College Rule for any games or any age group. 

This change is being made in the best interests of the player's safety because of heat issues and 

for the well being of the players. 

No longer will teams need to use the Sub Card for re-entry. 

3. Reschedule Rules for 2022-23 are as follows for Jr and Season Seasons:

     A. ANY GAME change requested within 6 days of Game DAY will result in a FORFEIT. It does not matter if both teams agree on the change. Only exception is weather related changes and State Cup, Region Cup Level Games that conflict. 

     B. If a change is requested outside of 6 days there is no penalty.

     C. Any reschedules or cancellations inside 48 hrs of a Game Day will forfeit the game and pay ref fees.  

      D.  All teams must submit reschedules thru your club DOC or designated admin person. 

 3. Finding Games: Use filter to establish game date parameters by clicking 1st date to start and 2nd date to end. If you are looking for just one date of game, double click that date. 

3. All game changes need to flow thru your club DOC/Club Scheduler and have a GRR form 

submitted to the league to reschedule games. 

4. All 12 Age Groups will be Non-Heading Divisions for the full season.  

5.Ref fees for 2022-23 Season:

  YA Season- One Center, $20 from each team for a total of $40. 

   11-12 Age G2ups- Each team pays $60 per game for a total of $120.00.

    Ref pay is 60-30-30.

   13-14 Age Groups- Each team pays $70 per game for a total of $ 140.00.

   Ref pay is 70-35-35.

6. Any games on reschedule requires both teams to agree on new date and time, submit thru your

club scheduler or DOC who will in turn submit a GRR for the change. 

CDL Substitution Card Jr. Season for13-14 Age Groups

7/11/17 6:59pm

League Contact Info

League Admin- Steve Kimbrell

Phone: 813-785-6525 ; Email- kskimbrell@aol.com

Fax- 727-467-9502

Mailing Address- CDL 2140 Drew St. Suite C, Clearwater, Fla. 33765

League Assignor:  Ed Pena

Phone- 813-732-2412; Email- epena5@tampabay.rr.com