CDL Showcase Event

College Showcase Tournament
7/10/17 9:32am

CDL Showcase Event 2019 Important Link

2019 CDL Showcase Event:

Senior Teams ACCEPTED for the 2019 CDL Showcase Event:   Updated 1/14/19

15 Boys                          16 Boys                      17 Boys                    18/19 Boys   

Fl Prem-Barrientos         TBUS- Ababio             Strictly Soccer            Lakeland-Ferrer   
Strictly Soccer                 Fl Celitc-Susaj            WFF,E VanderLuit      Cl.Chgrs-Thurs

T BUN.Mellecker            Clw Chgrs-Villalba                                                TBUPH- Hales

Clw Chgrs-Montoya        WFF, W- Stenson        Clw Chgrs-Seidl         Strictly Soccer

TBUS-Ababio                 Strictly Soccer              Fl Celtic-Xhafaj          Tpa Dy-Roberts     

Fl Celtic-Dorthalina        WFF, E- Garcia             Fl Rush-Chehab        Clw Chgr-Cajic

WFF,E Cnningham         Tpa Chgrs-Chatawa     Lakeland Showcase   WFF,Fairlough

Fl Prem C-Vaught           Fl Prem M-Stauffer            WFF,W-Rodriguez      FCS- Thomas

Lakeland- Ferrer             TBUN- Aleong             LWR Chgrs- Singh     TBUN-Gonzalez

Fla. Prem Gramitca        Lakeland-Dias             FlPrem-Bayebeanen Fl Rush-Tacara 

WFF,Christou                 Tpa Dynamo-Rangei    Wellington               Lkland Wilkinson                                                                                            

WFF,Garcia                    Clw.Chgrs- Damm         Fla Hawks                NLYS- Gutierrez

Fl Prem C-Thomas         WFF, W-Viera               Lakeland-Diegues     St. Pete Raiders

Tpa Chgrs- McLeish              LWR- Quintero                   Fla. Spirit-Dozark           Fl. Celtic- Milner

Fla. Hawks-greco                  WFF, E- Vanderluit             Gulf Coast Texans          WFF,E-VanderLuit

Fla. Rush- Tacaraya              Fl Rush- Hernandez           TBU ECNL                     TBUS- Hurdle

TBU ECNL                           Gulf Coast Texans                Braden River-Foy          Fl Prem C-Moore

                                      Fl Prem M-Bunninghoff                                   LWR-Heinlein

                                      WFF,EL-Viera                                                  LWR-Jenkins                       

                                                                                                              Mako SC                                   


15 Girls                       16 Girls                        17 Girls                    18/19 Girls

Braden River               TBU Prem-Ristad         Tbus Cusmano          TBUS -Fotopoulos

TBUS -Greczy            Fl Rush-Alexander        Strictly Soccer           TBUN- Dris

Fl Cetic-Masi              Sarasota- Wood            Wesley Chapel          Fl Rush- Ferreira

Kenall- Blue               Braden River-Virgillo          TBU PH- Ristead       Clw Chrgs- Navas

WFF,W -Kirkwood      Lakeland-Delgado        Fl Celtic- Morgan        Sunrise Sting

TBUN- Daxon            Fl Celtic- Burns             TBUN - Stopford        Lkland Strawbridge

WFF,E- Coca            Tpa Dynamo- Kinney     Clw Chargers              Fl Prem Mitchell

FKK- NPL                       TBUN- Buch                          IRSA 2002                       Fl Celtic- Gomes

Strictly Soccer           Fl Premier C-Moore       Fl Rush- Evans           WFF, E- Cole

Wesley Chapel         WFF-Stockley                Tpa Chargers-Alvar   TBUN- Landeen

Fl Prem C- Hinz        Tidal Wave, Mass           Lakeland-Borge         Fl Celtic-Green

Fl Rush- Smith          West Pines United         FKK NPL- Bako         Elite Soccer Acad.

Fl Celtic-Dyson         FKK NPL                        Kendall Select            FKK NPL

Lakeland- Popovic    SCAA Grenn, VA           OCYS FPL                 Heat United-ILL

Fla Fire Jrs.              Treasure Coast             FKK Blue-Uribe         Tidal Wave-Mass

Brevard BchSide      Fl Cetic-Sheppard        Engelwood-Hilligoss   Team Boca

                                 TSYSA-Winchester       Palm Bch Kicks           Fl Fire Jrs. 

                                                                       Oldsmar SC                 Kings Hammer,KY

                                                                       Miami Lakes                Tampa Dynamo

                                                                        Fl Fire Jrs.                  OCYS FPL

                                                                       Gulf Coast Tx              Wesely Chapel

                                                                       JAYFC Armada            Kendal SC

                                                                                                            SK Sunblazer


Jr. Teams ACCEPTED into the 2019 CDL Showcase Event: updated 12/13/18

13 Boys                 14 Boys                     13 Girls                     14 Girls

Fl. Prem-Mitchell   Clw Chgs-Villalba       WFF,E- Hernandez    WFF,ELKirkwood

Strictly Soccer       WFF,2nd Christou      Lakeland-Cortez         Fl Prem-Fedirico

Clw Chgrs-Lewis   Fl Prem M-Kaplan      TBUN-Rodriquez        WFF,E Drury

WFF,Brandon         Strictly Soccer           Fl Prem-Symmonds   Fl Rush-Smith

Fl Rush-Hulguist   WFF,EL-Christou        LWR Chgrs-Quintero Fl Celtic-Gomes

Tpa Chrgs-Isajar   WFF,E- Garcia            Fl Rush- Osorio         Sarasota-Wen

Lkland-McCarron  Fl Rush-Tacaraya       TBUS-Maldonado      Fl Prem-Collier

TBUN- Hales        Lakeland-Frame         WFF,EL Coorey          TBUN- Dula

Fl Prem-Torres      Tpa Chgrs-Delancy    Fl Celtic-Valladores    Lakeland-Molony

Celtic-Dorthanlina  Dunedin Stirling        Fl Fire Jrs                    Fl. Fire Premier

TBUPH-Myers       Fla. Fire Jrs.             Lakeland-Cornejo        WFF,EPre DA

TBUN- Charles                                       N Port Fusion               Fl Fire Select

Clw Chgs-Alexander                               Fl PremM-Solis/Fritz   Kenadall- White

Wesley Chapel                                       TBUN ECNL-Dris        Gulf Coast Tex

Strictly soccer                                         TBU Prem-Duncan                                  

WFF,E Horkan                                       Oldsmar SC

Fl Rush-Clavez                                      Fl. Prem-Symmonds

Fl Prem-Mattson





1. Teams Needed-- to round out a few age groups, we need the following teams:

16 Boys- 1 team

17 Boys- 1 team

18/19 Boys- 1 team

15 Girls- 1 team

17 Girls- 1 team

Registration is open till Jan. 22nd Tuesday. 

TEAM REGISTRATION  is EXTENDED to Jan. 22nd to fill in a few Divisions with holes-- register by clicking the link in the left column of this web page. We look forward to having you in the event ! 

3 Proud to Announce the Senior Boys and Girls will play together all gmes at one location for the Feb. 2019 event. 

The new venue location will be the Champions Sports Complex in central Hillsborough County near the Fla. State Fairgounds--- 15 lighted fields. We look forward to another great event and trust you will be joining us for some great soccer with over 100 College Coaches expected. 

3. We have a new hotel booking partner in TRAVELING TEAMS. The link is in place if you would like to book rooms in advance. All teams outside the area are required to book thru this agency for their team rooms. 

4. ON LINE CHECK-IN -- All teams must use Gotsoccer online check in. We no longer check in teams the night before the event. SEE BELOW for instructions to ON-LINE registration. 


1/7/19 4:11pm



-Check-ins/registrations are due by: Friday 8th, 10PM

-All teams will receive a confirmation email stating that their check-in documents were complete no later than: 10 PM Wednesday  Feb 13th, 2019

-Online Check in registration documents must include:

·         Approved/Certified Roster from your State/National Association

·         Player/Coach Pass Cards

·         Team info sheet (click here for info sheet)

·         Permission to Travel (Not required for FYSA and US Club teams)

·         Guest Player Forms (If applicable)

-No changes to the verified roster after 5pm on Wednesday Feb 13th  

-Instructions for check-in uploading instructions can be found here:

·        UPLOAD the documents to GotSoccer

·         Log in to your team’s GotSoccer page with your username and password.

·        Select Tournament name.

·        Select the “Documents” tab.

·        Select the labels from the drop-down list in the “Team Document Upload” box and upload the appropriate files.

TEAM INFORMATION SHEET Required to be filled out -- see below

-All check in questions please email

1/15/19 9:39am

TEAM INFORMATION SHEET Required to be filled out

TEAM INFORMATION SHEET - ALL Teams checking in must fill this out- Down load, fill out and upload into team account

CDL Showcase Event College Coaches Attending 2018 Event:

1. Barry University, Miami,Women's Soccer       38. Chrisopher Newport Univ, Va. Women

2. Keiser Univ, Ft. Lauderdale, Men's Soccer      39. St.Leo Univ, Women

3. Appalachian State Univ.,Women’s Soccer       40. Thomas Univ., Ga, Women

4. Darton College, Georgia, Men's Soccer           41. Southeastern Univ, Women

5. Agnes Scott College, Ga, Women’s                 42. NJIT. NJ, Men’s Soccer

6. Daytona State College, Women                       43. Darton State College, Women

7. Daytona State College, Men                           44. Rollins College, Men

8. University of Tampa, Men's Soccer                45. FIT College, Fla.

9. Husson Univ, Maine, Men's Soccer                46. Univ. of South Fla, Women

10. Johnson & Wales Univ, Charlotte, NC          47. Columbia Intern. Univ., SC Women

11. Johnson & Wales Univ, Miami, Women        48. Andrew College,Ga, Women

12. New England College, NH, Men & Women   49. Flagler College, Fla.

13. ASA College, N. Miami Bch Women             50. Newbury College, Mass, Men & Women

14. Polk State College, Fla, Women                      51. Huntingdon College, Al, Women

15. Rollins College, Fla, Women                           52. Eckerd College, Fla.

16. St. Thomas Univ, Fla, Women                         53. Lynn Univ., Fla.

17. Stetson Univ.,Fla, Women                               54. Valdosta State Univ.,Ga.

18. Farmingdale State College, Women                55. Warner Univ, Fla, Women

19. Southeastern Univ, Fla, Men                            56. Lesley Univ, Mass, Men’s Soccer

20. St. Thomas Univ, Fla. Men                               57. Millsaps College, Miss, Men’s Soccer

21. Fla. Institute of Tech, Men                                58. Univ. of North Fla.

22. Uinv. of Tampa, Women                                   59. Benedictine Univ, Ill, Men’s Soccer

23. Uinv. of S. Fla, Men                                          60. Aurora Univ, Ill, Women’s Soccer

24. Johnson Univ, Fla, Women                               61. Eastern Fla. State College, Men

25. Cleary Univ, Mi, Men’s Soccer                        62. NORCO College, CA, Women’s Soccer

26. Fla. Southern College                                       63. Penn State Univ, PA, Men’s Soccer

27. Eastern Nazarene College, Women                 64. Piedmont College, Ga. Women

28. Emmanuel College, Ga. Women                     65. Regis College, Mass, Men’s Soccer


29. St. Thomas Aquinas, NY, Men’s                     66. St. Joseph College, Maine, Men

30. Jacksonville Univ.                                            67. Salem Univ.,WV, Men’s Soccer

31. Potsdam College, NY, Men’s Soccer               68. Suffolk, University,Mass, Men’s Soccer

32. Florida College, Men’s Soccer                        69. The Kings College, NY, Men & Women

33. St. Andrews Univ, NC, Men’s Soccer            70. Trannsylvania Univ, KY, Women’s Soccer

34. Guilford College, NC, Women’s Soccer         71. Trinity Baptist College, Jacksonville, Fla., W

35. Heidelberg Univ, OH, Women’s Soccer         72. Troy Univ., AL, Women’s Soccer

36. John Jay College of Criminal Justice, NY      73. Webber Intern. Univ, Fla, Men and Women

37. Keene State College, NH, Men’s Soccer        74. Wisconsin Luthern College, WI, Women

                                                                         75. Brenau University, Ga. Women

                                                                         76. Defiance University, Men

                                                                         77. New England College, Men

                                                                         78. Berry Gollege, Ga, Women

                                                                         79. Breton-Parker College, Ga,, Women

                                                                        80. Thomas Univ., Men's Soccer

7/11/17 6:59pm

League Contact Info

League Admin- Steve Kimbrell

Phone: 813-785-6525 ; Email-

Fax- 727-467-9502

Mailing Address- CDL 2140 Drew St. Suite C, Clearwater, Fla. 33765

League Assignor:  Ed Pena

Phone- 813-732-2412; Email-


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