CDL Showcase Event

College Showcase Tournament
7/10/17 9:32am

CDL Showcase Event 2018 Important Links

2018 CDL Showcase Event

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2/6/18 11:54am

CDL Showcase ACCEPTED Teams

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2/6/18 12:38pm

CDL Showcase College Coach Sign Up List in Got Soccer

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12/26/17 3:53pm

CDL Showcase 2018 Rules


1/6/18 8:37am

CDL Hosting Agreement

CDL Hosting Agreement


The 2018 CDL Showcase was a great Success! Thank you to all the teams for their participation and a thank you 

to all the College Coaches who attended. The weather was nice and warm and the soccer was great!


CDL Showcase Event College Coaches Attending 2018 Event:

1. Barry University, Miami,Women's Soccer       38. Chrisopher Newport Univ, Va. Women

2. Keiser Univ, Ft. Lauderdale, Men's Soccer      39. St.Leo Univ, Women

3. Appalachian State Univ.,Women’s Soccer       40. Thomas Univ., Ga, Women

4. Darton College, Georgia, Men's Soccer           41. Southeastern Univ, Women

5. Agnes Scott College, Ga, Women’s                 42. NJIT. NJ, Men’s Soccer

6. Daytona State College, Women                       43. Darton State College, Women

7. Daytona State College, Men                           44. Rollins College, Men

8. University of Tampa, Men's Soccer                45. FIT College, Fla.

9. Husson Univ, Maine, Men's Soccer                46. Univ. of South Fla, Women

10. Johnson & Wales Univ, Charlotte, NC          47. Columbia Intern. Univ., SC Women

11. Johnson & Wales Univ, Miami, Women        48. Andrew College,Ga, Women

12. New England College, NH, Men & Women   49. Flagler College, Fla.

13. ASA College, N. Miami Bch Women             50. Newbury College, Mass, Men & Women

14. Polk State College, Fla, Women                      51. Huntingdon College, Al, Women

15. Rollins College, Fla, Women                           52. Eckerd College, Fla.

16. St. Thomas Univ, Fla, Women                         53. Lynn Univ., Fla.

17. Stetson Univ.,Fla, Women                               54. Valdosta State Univ.,Ga.

18. Farmingdale State College, Women                55. Warner Univ, Fla, Women

19. Southeastern Univ, Fla, Men                            56. Lesley Univ, Mass, Men’s Soccer

20. St. Thomas Univ, Fla. Men                               57. Millsaps College, Miss, Men’s Soccer

21. Fla. Institute of Tech, Men                                58. Univ. of North Fla.

22. Uinv. of Tampa, Women                                   59. Benedictine Univ, Ill, Men’s Soccer

23. Uinv. of S. Fla, Men                                          60. Aurora Univ, Ill, Women’s Soccer

24. Johnson Univ, Fla, Women                               61. Eastern Fla. State College, Men

25. Cleary Univ, Mi, Men’s Soccer                        62. NORCO College, CA, Women’s Soccer

26. Fla. Southern College                                       63. Penn State Univ, PA, Men’s Soccer

27. Eastern Nazarene College, Women                 64. Piedmont College, Ga. Women

28. Emmanuel College, Ga. Women                     65. Regis College, Mass, Men’s Soccer


29. St. Thomas Aquinas, NY, Men’s                     66. St. Joseph College, Maine, Men

30. Jacksonville Univ.                                            67. Salem Univ.,WV, Men’s Soccer

31. Potsdam College, NY, Men’s Soccer               68. Suffolk, University,Mass, Men’s Soccer

32. Florida College, Men’s Soccer                        69. The Kings College, NY, Men & Women

33. St. Andrews Univ, NC, Men’s Soccer            70. Trannsylvania Univ, KY, Women’s Soccer

34. Guilford College, NC, Women’s Soccer         71. Trinity Baptist College, Jacksonville, Fla., W

35. Heidelberg Univ, OH, Women’s Soccer         72. Troy Univ., AL, Women’s Soccer

36. John Jay College of Criminal Justice, NY      73. Webber Intern. Univ, Fla, Men and Women

37. Keene State College, NH, Men’s Soccer        74. Wisconsin Luthern College, WI, Women

                                                                         75. Brenau University, Ga. Women

                                                                         76. Defiance University, Men

                                                                         77. New England College, Men

                                                                         78. Berry Gollege, Ga, Women

                                                                         79. Breton-Parker College, Ga,, Women

                                                                        80. Thomas Univ., Men's Soccer

7/11/17 6:59pm

League Contact Info

League Admin- Steve Kimbrell

Phone: 813-785-6525 ; Email-

Fax- 727-467-9502

Mailing Address- CDL 2140 Drew St. Suite C, Clearwater, Fla. 33765

League Assignor:  Ed Pena

Phone- 813-732-2412; Email-

1/11/18 4:00pm

CDL Showcase 2018 Stream Sports

StreamSports will be offering its Game Film and Highlight Reel services to capture your games in High Definition at the 2018 TBU CL Showcase. StreamSports films from Skypods, reaching a height of up to 25 feet, providing the perfect viewing angle for coaches, player and parents.  StreamSports staff and employees come from sports backgrounds and all camera operators are trained specifically to film soccer. In addition to Game Film, StreamSports has recently released QuickClips – complementary clipping tool software integrated onto StreamSports. Click here to see all StreamSports Tournament packages. Game Film Packages must be pre-booked.

Email 1 Subject: StreamSports Video Solutions For Recruitment and Development At The 2018 TBU CL Showcase | FREE Game if booked before February 5
Dear Tournament Participants,
The 2018 CDL Showcase has partnered with StreamSports - Sports Video Solutions. StreamSports specialize in providing high quality, elevated game film for player recruitment and team development and will be offering several packages for teams and players. StreamSports film in HD from an elevated height to provide the optimal view for players, coaches, and recruiters. In addition to Game Film, StreamSports has recently released QuickClips - clipping tool software integrated onto StreamSports portals. From the portal, players and coaches can view, download, share and clip games. Click here to see all StreamSports Tournament packages. Game Film Packages must be pre-booked. BOOK BEFORE FEBRUARY 5th TO RECEIVE A FREE SEASONAL GAME when you book a team 3-game tournament package. Please call 855 839-3676 to retrieve this offer.

• 3 games filmed in HD
• StreamSports Video Portal for every participating player for life - view, download, share and clip games directly from your StreamSports portal.
• StreamSports QuickClips - clipping tool software integrated onto StreamSports portals.
As low as $12 per player per game when divided amongst the team.
• 3 games filmed in HD
• 3-5 Minute Premium Highlight Reel
• StreamSports Player Portal for life
• 3-5 Minute Premium Highlight Reel
• StreamSports Experts pick the plays
• StreamSports Player Portal for life
• College coaches are 5X more likely to respond to a player with a highlight reel
Cameramen are limited. If you wish to have StreamSports film your tournament, please book online, e-mail or call (855) 839-3676