Youth Academy

10/20/17 2:21pm

Youth Academy Schedule 2024-2025


Will be posted in early October.

Schedule can change week to week via YA Directors talking to each other

but the Master Schedule will not reflect those week to week changes. 

REMEMBER: It is the local Club assignor for the home team at each venue that 

is responsible for Assigning Refs for each YA game. CDL does not assign refs 

for these games. 

8/27/17 9:32pm

Youth Academy Contact List

1. For YA Phone List for 2023-24  --  CLICK LINK BELOW

10/15/18 4:53pm

Youth Academy Rule Sheet for 2024-25

Youth Academy Rule Sheet for 2024-25- Click attachment

REMEBER: Not all refs know the YA Rules--- Coaches should take the time

to share the important CDL YA Rules with Referees before each game. 

Many of the refs do other YA Games in other leagues which have variations to 

the CDL Rules or many of the Refs are Young just starting out and they need 

that conversation before game time to review the rules so everyone is on the same


Remember: It is a serious matter to abuse referees and especially YOUTH Referees. 

Please remind your parents to not verbally abuse referees during games. Please remind

everyone that in Florida it is a Felony to physically abuse a youth referee. 

Youth Academy General Announcements: 

2024-25 Season

1. Youth Academy Season will run from Nov. 2nd to April. The Schedule posted does not change from week to week and serves

as a base line for how the schedule was originally posted. The schedule that teams play on can change week to week based on 

YA Directors and YA Coaches making changes leading up to a venue date. Please ALWAYS check with your YA Director or 

team coach for the agreed upon schedule for your venue on a week to week basis.  

2. Remember- Clubs playing each other are to communicate each week about their upcoming venues. YA Directors/coaches are to confirm the 

up coming schedule week to week. Use the Phone List to rearrange any scheduling. 

3. In Case of WEATHER related field closures, YA Directors are responsible to call or text 

the other Club's YA Director or coaches to alert them of no games. 

4.  Local club assignors are responsible to assign the games for each home club venue. 

5. All teams are encouraged to play the Addin Games so all teams needing games get games. Please communicate with the other clubs

if you are unable to keep the commitment on these games. 

6. All teams need to communicate with the other clubs if your teams are playing Mixed or A/B/C format each week to the other clubs.  

7. Ref fees will remain the same:  $40 total for a game with each team paying $20 each.

Special Rules for Youth Academy to promote Player Development:

    A. Built Out line used to protect Goalie; no Goalie punting.

    B. Off Sides now in effect using the Built Out line.

    C. No Intentional Heading allowed as a Mandate from FYSA.

    D. Concussion Protocol in effect- if a player comes out of game due to head injury he cannot go back in without a proper Dr. clearance.

    E. Possesion Style Soccer is encouraged building out of the back.

    Attention:  Local Assignors for each club assign referees to the Youth Academy Games.

        All YA Directors need to contact your Local Club Assignor to make sure

        they have the YA Schedule and assign refs to your YA games.