Youth Academy

10/20/17 2:21pm

Youth Academy Schedule 2018-19

Click Link Below to Access Excel File of YA SCHEDULE


The YA schedule has been reposted as of 10/11/18 because WFF,West added a 9 Boys Dev. team which means

that for every venue involving WFF, West the schedule has changed with times being rotated down by adding a 

game at the beginning of the day at 9 am. Please advise all teams of this change as schedules will need to be 

reviewed again. 

8/27/17 9:32pm

Youth Academy Contact List

1. For YA Phone List for 2018-19 --  CLICK LINK BELOW

General Announcements 2018-19:

 1. YA General Meeting for ALL YA Directors and Coaches--

    Date: Oct. 21th Sunday night

    Time: 6:00 PM

    Where: Tampa Waters Ave. TBUR Club House(same as last yr) near corner Benjamin & Waters Ave.  behind the WAWA Gas Station. 

     Purpose: To orientate all YA DOC's and Coaches to the rules and permit feed back on any issues. 

2. Youth Academy Season begins Nov. 3rd, 2018. 

3.  Academy Teams/Clubs are to communicate with each other 1-2 weeks out to confirm games on the schedule

and determine if there are any additions or subtractions on games.  Use Phone List contacts to make arrangements. 

4. All teams are encouraged to play the Addin Games so all teams needing games get games. Please communicate with the other clubs

if you are unable to keep the commitment on these games. 

5. All teams need to communicate with the other clubs if your teams are playing Mixed or A/B/C format each week to the other clubs.  

6. Ref fees will remain the same:  $30 total for a game with each team paying $15 each.

10/15/18 4:53pm

Youth Academy Rule Sheet for 2018-19

Youth Academy Rule Sheet for 2018-19- Click attachment