7v7 Scrim. Gms 15B/15G

5/15/17 4:44pm

Rules and Regulations

10/19/17 10:46am

7v7 Scrimmage Games for 15 Boys & Girls Rules of Play

Play Dates : November 19th at JC Handly Fields at WFF,E in Brandon

                     December 16th at Ed Radice Fields at TBUR in Tampa

                     January 27th at New Tampa Fields at Tampa Chargers in North Tampa

Rules of Play: 

1. 25 min. Halfs / 5 min half time

2. Players on field- 6 field players & Goalie

3. Unlimited Subs, Sub on the Fly

4. One ref per game; each team pays $15 per game

5. Refs assigned by CDL Assignor

6. NO scores kept, No standings Kept

7. Games played on 9v9 size field

8. 2 games per team per Play Date

9. Players must be FYSA registered with passes

10. Built out line for off sides in play